Efficient data annotation: Labeling, Collection, Validation & Analysis

We support companies in a broad range of AI and Data Science projects. We help with data annotation of 3D & 2D images, videos, text & voice and provide supplementary data services: tabular data management, data collection, cleansing, structuring and analysis.

Our services

Our numerous workforce of skilled annotators and data analysts supported by cutting edge tech enables us to manage even the largest data volumes
in a short time.
Our competences also involve development
& implementation of Computer Vision solutions.
So we can also lead & deliver AI/ CV projects for your business using state of the art technology.

Image & video annotation

  • 2D & 3D boxes
  • Polygons
  • Lines & Splines
  • Moving objects
  • Object tracking

Text & audio recognition

  • Classification & validation
  • Sentiment and intent analysis
  • Key phrases tagging
  • OCR transcription

Tabular data

  • Dataset preparation
  • Data structuring
  • Data cleaning and validation

Computer Vision Solutions

  • Development of custom CV solutions
  • Optimization of models accuracy & efficiency
  • Modeling & deployment consultancy

Why us

As we fully understand the importance of data quality, all our projects undergo a rigid and battle-tested quality assurance process with multiple verification stages conducted by human inspectors supplemented by our in-house AI tools. Our operational excellence allows us to label high volumes of data at competitive prices while still being able to manage the most demanding peak time inquiries

Quality is our top priority

Rigid quality assurance process of human aided cross-checks and AI-amplified validation

Contract signed
in 48 hours

We understand the value of your time - this is why we guarantee you that we will smoothly respond and process the pricing & delivery time assessment and offer ready-to-sign contract in just 48 hours

Much more than just a labeling outsourcer

Thanks to our extensive experience in Computer Vision and Data Management we can also conduct Computer Vision & Data-related projects for you

Peak Time Management

Large pool of trained workforce to answer the most demanding requests instantaneously


Each client has different needs. Each assignment is specific in its own way. But pricing clarity is essential - that is why we have created this automated pricing tool. Enter your requirements and receive our price estimate.


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Core Team

Mateusz Wiklo
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Mateusz is a skilled business & technology expert with 5 years of management consulting experience gained in The Boston Consulting Group, EY & Accenture. Being an amateur sportsman taught him to give 100% regardless if it is a sports field or the office
Kamil Zowczak
Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder
Kamil is an experienced Operations Manager with an extensive technological background. While working on numerous startup projects, Kamil crafted a mastership in process automation, project management and work optimisation.


To serve our rapidly growing base of clients, we are constantly hiring.Join us if you want to make an impact in the extremely fast growing AI industry. Currently we are recruiting for the following positions:

Computer Vision Engineer

Location: Warsaw

Expected experience: 2-4 years

You will be working on application of state of the art Computer Vision Deep Learning algorithms to build our annotation tools

Data Analyst

Location: Poland

Expected experience: -

You will be helping us to serve our clients most demanding labeling and data-related projects. Your tasks may vary depending on assignments or you can specialize in one field e.g. image & video annotation, data cleansing & research

Business Development Manager

Location: US, London, Dubai

Expected experience: 3-5 years

If you are looking for a smart team to conduct demanding data annotation or data management projects, send us a message - we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Junior Data Scientist

Location: Warsaw

Expected experience: -

You will be working on data management projects for our clients or on automation tools to improve efficiency of our Data Analysts.


If your are looking for smart team to deliver the most demanding annotation or data management projects, send as a message and we will get back to you soon!
Epinote Sp. z o.o., Ul. Zana 11a, 20-601, Lublin, PL6020140718
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